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Custom orders









Custom orders

We have several artists available to turn all your momentarily immaterial thoughts into eternal Bronze. Whether it be to celebrate a special day, produce a unique piece or give out a prize...


We can also create plaques for all occasions...


We can help create or reproduce trophies as needed.


The art world is a boundless field and to contribute to the progress of this discipline, USIMM offers modern, precise, effective, and rapid tools that allow artists to devote more time to the creation rather than production. A key technology partner in your process.

3D scanning

USIMM offers artists the ability to scan an object, an artwork or a mock-up preserving the finest details, all without having to touch the original.

After scanning the original piece, USIMM can producean enlargement or reduction of the piece through custom manufacturing.



Custom machining

This custom manufacturing technique offers various non-metallic materials tailored to your needs. It allows you to create sculptures in the desired dimensions, to create monumental works, to reproduce in full a work of art or an authentic piece, and to manufacture molds. Machining allows you, among others, to prepare your pieces for the Foundry.

In addition, if desired, it is possible to carve the work by hand once its been machined. Several types of finishes are specially available for this purpose.

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Here are pictures of a project for which USIMM participated in the making of the sculpture in collaboration with the Foundry :


Miniaturization of work from high resolution 3D scanning

The Fonderie d’Art d’Inverness and Artisans du Passage combine efforts to offer artists new opportunities. Assisted by the latest technology, including the revolutionary 3D scanner Creaform, we can achieve the reduction of artwork while preserving the finest details.

Providing miniatures of your work or transforming them into a jewelry collection are new ways to seduce customers and galleries.

Just below, you can see the creations of Charles-Olivier Roy, owner of Artisans du Passage, made from a high resolution 3D scan of Fontaine de Tourny and creations that have made headlines: the 400th charm bracelet that was awarded to spouses of Heads of States at the Francophonie Summit.

The Tourny Fountain

Jewellery and 3D relief

See a video produced by 3D scanning Creaform

See a report on the creations of Artisans du Passage